About #dariahTeach

What is #dariahTeach

#dariahTeach is a platform for Open Educational Resources (OER) for Digital Arts and Humanities educators and students, but also beyond this aiming at Higher Education across a spectrum of disciplines, at teachers and trainers engaged in the digital transformation of programme content and learning methods. #dariaTeach has two key objectives: sharing and reuse, thus developing a place for people to publish their teaching material and for others to use it in their own teaching.

Content on #dariahTeach is designed to be asychronously accessed by both lone learners, especially those who do not have access to digital arts and humanities teaching and training, as well as educators who can embed content into their own course offerings.

We welcome collaborations for both the development of new content and the translation of existing content. Get in touch with us via the Contact page {link this] to discuss possibilities. And if you have used #dariahTeach content, either individually or as an educator, we would very much like to hear about your experience.

#dariahTeach was initially funded by an ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership (2015-2017) with partners from 8 countries: Ireland, Denmark, Greece, Austria, Serbia, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland.
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